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40 years ago, Gabriele started giving the direct word of God, the Free Spirit, to mankind – in fulfillment of the promise of Jesus of Nazareth to send the Spirit of Truth, who would lead us into all truth. This teaching has gone out over the Earth globe in thousands of books, CDs and DVDs, brochures and booklets, and is the basis for a peaceful life among us human beings, and for a respectful and loving treatment of Mother Earth with her animals, plants and minerals – for Christ, the Prince of Peace, stands for unity and peace.

During these troubled times, in which people, animals and the Mother Earth are suffering more and more, the message that is given through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, gains meaning for ever more people: We, all of us – human being, nature and animals – form one great community, the community of creation. It is only the growing awareness of the unity of all life that leads to the peace, which so many people long for, not least of all the animals and Mother Earth, as well.

As people grow in this understanding, many are turning toward helping those less fortunate than themselves. And so, in a very poor region of Kenya, in Africa, our friends, as the International Gabriele Foundation Kenya, have started up two schools and an orphanage in different areas to help the children who otherwise, would truly be the forgotten of this world. In this way, the teaching of love and unity is put into practice and becomes a work of the deed!

Won’t you, too, help us spread this message of peace and unity?
Help us finance the books and send them out into the world to those of open minds and hearts, who cannot, however, pay for them. There are many seeking people who write and ask for this teaching.

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Help educate and raise responsible, environmentally conscious adults who can make a difference for the future in Africa.

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  • A $40.00 monthly pledge will pay for the expenses of 1 child coming from a family earning $1.00/day
  • A $100.00 monthly pledge will pay for 1 orphan child



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Your contributions are tax-deductible* and 100% goes directly to the school and orphanage and into the production and sending of books and literature.

* Valid for USA residents only