Cause and Development of All Illness

Cause and Develpoment of All Illness
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Do you find the title of this book pretentious? That there is no way anyone could know about all the causes of all illnesses? Let yourself be pleasantly surprised, by a book that has been a bestseller for years. Of course, it is no standardized medical textbook.  What you learn in this book goes beyond the horizon of present scientific knowledge and has become the "gospel" for some, at least until science comes up with its new discoveries.

In this book you learn about facts that have an effect on the well-being and health of every person. Based on a holistic understanding, the person and his health are not viewed as isolated, but as a part of all of creation. This encompassing message from the All gives detailed knowledge...

What the Person Sows, He Will Reap

A fundamental Christ Revelation given in 1986. "In this revelation, I am giving you an overview of how the Fall came to pass and how the first causes were created, which then drew after themselves further causes and effects. For through this, suffering, hardship and illness came into existence.

At the same time, however, I am giving insight into the eternal laws of My Father and show, often through repetition, how human beings can avoid causes or clear them up in time, before they come into effect. I am showing how effects may be alleviated or neutralized through the behavior of the individual."

This all-encompassing work gives totally new knowledge about the correlations between the cosmos and the material world, about the borders between spirit and matter and about the processes that take place in a person's inner being, which can lead to illness or health.

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