Live the Moment And You Will Know Yourself

Live the Moment
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Live the Moment –

and You Will See and Recognize Yourself

 Item No. S315en, 68 pages, ISBN 978-1-890841-54-6

The days are the school classes for every single person – and each day is a unique chance. Therefore: Live the moment!

Reading Sample of Live the Moment

Our sensations and thoughts are the substance of our life; they are our consciousness. If we are not consciously in a situation, that is, if our consciousness is outside of us, then our body is like a puppet. We put into action what we had long ago preset in ourselves as a program. This then controls us, or we are controlled from outside, by other forces, and are thus lived

And so, the past brings pictures into the present and shows us at the same time, via our sensations – for instance, sorrow, joy or suffering – what the pictures want to express.

We can deduce from this that we did not live through certain past periods of our life. We no doubt organized nice parties, put the house in order and placed the pretty pieces in the right light. We looked after our family, had good conversations with them, and shared joy and suffering as well – and yet, part of our consciousness was absent; it was not with us.

What can be done? Those periods of life that we did not penetrate with our sensations and thoughts, that is, which we did not properly live through, now stand in front of us and want to be cleared up. Since there is a solution in everything, there is a solution here, too, so that we can close these chapters of our life today.