God Heals

God Heals
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God Heals

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Item No. S309en, 64 pages, ISBN: 978-1-890841-23-2

Which person does not need healing? The one whose heart still can feel deeply also has an inkling that healing, becoming "whole" and finally being healed are all related to a fundamental order of the inner person. A mighty power is at work in us that is both indescribable and incomprehensible. It is the central might of love, the strength and salvation of God.

From the Contents

  • The nuclear age – The Age of Aquarius – The effects of cosmic forces – The world is falling apart – Where is there a firm hold?
  • Preparation for the inflow of healing forces
  • Salvation is the highest radiation, God in us –
  • We have to change our way of thinking – The affirmation of our true being promotes health ...
  • and much more.

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