The Free Spirit, God In Us

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Item No. S179en, Softbound, 76 Pages, ISBN978-3-89201-793-6

There is a lot of talk about God and a lot is wriitten - but who knows the truth?  So, who can say such a thing?  A person who experences God in herself - Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God in our time.

She lives in God and has given His word of truth for 40 years.  Here, we receive help so that we can prove for ourselves that God exists and that He dwells in us.  And so, each person can experience God for himself, thus gaining the joy and certainty that God is in each one of us.  He is present in all things.

Each one of us is the temple of God, and God, the almighty, omnipresent power, dwells in us. When we go for a walk, God is in everything, because He is omnipresent. Thismeans: communication with the life, which is God. Anyone who refers to the teachings of Jesus, should actually be a peaceable, God-conscious person, who cherishes the Earth and everything that lives in it, on it and over it, and shows respect for the life.

And so, there is no God of the priests, but there is the God, the true God in you, in us, in all people, in all creatures of God, in all of creation, in all of nature.

We live in the great stream of life, which encompasses elements, nature, animals and people, and yet, oftenwe do not knowwhere our Creator is, the Creator of heaven and of earth, the Creator of nature, of the animals – God is in all things. An essential step is taken when we no longer seek, but become aware that everything is the great unity, which is: GOD. ... People frequently ask: How can we reach Him?” The Christ of God in Jesus of Nazareth gave us a wonderful path that leads inward to the very basis of our soul. It is the communication of the heart, by way of which each person can build a living connection to the eternal Spirit within.