The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God

The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God
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The Time Is Come for the Rehabilitation
Item No. S469en, 700 Pages, Hardbound.

Learn more about:

  •   the fight of the external religions against the Original Christian stream
  •   violence, war and crime under the guise of “Christian”
  •   ecclesiastical dogmas and tenets of faith
  •   the continuous declaration of war against Christ
  •   the trail of blood of the churches
  •   the abysses of the teachings of Martin Luther
  •   the disdain and suppression of the woman
  •   the crime against creation

Ulrich Seifert, Martin Kübli, Dieter Potzel

The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God

Sons and Daughters of God at the Behest of God, Together with the Third Basic Power of God, the Divine Wisdom, Rehabilitate the Christ of God

The time is come: The Christ of God, once in Jesus of Nazareth, who brought the teachings of the heavens to the people, the teachings of peace, of unity, the all-encompassing immutable law of love, is being rehabilitated on Earth, for the Christ of God was and is abused and brought into discredit by the institutional, denomination power structures, using the most infamous ways and means.

In this work, the authors extensively examine the various facets of abuse of the name of Jesus, the Christ – above all, the distortion and falsification of His original teachings and its devastating consequences for mankind and for all the Earth.

Learn about the magnitude of fraud committed against the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, and read about what He really brought and brings again today to mankind: the teaching of the love for God and neighbor toward man, nature and animals – the way back into the Kingdom of God, to our eternal Father.

Readers Voices in Germany:

“The rehabilitation of the Christ of God – this is long overdue! Now, names are being given and everything is coming out.”

“This book really gets to the heart of this: If you look deeper into the history of the church, you are shaken to the core”

“I keep wondering how people could be deceived for over 2000 years.”

“As a child, I had a lot of problems with the Church. With this book, I have learned a lot and feel as if I have been freed.”

“The elitist attitude of “Christians” toward the environment and the animals is something I always reacted against.”

“I never knew that vegetarians were persecuted and killed by the Church.”

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