Live with Me

Live with Me. I am a conscious aspect in your soul.
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Live with Me

I am a consciousness aspect in your soul

Item No. W272en, 200 pp.,  Hardbound, ISBN 978-3-00-040922-6

This illustrated 4-color picture book invites you to let the beauty and diversity of creation have its effect on you, and to understand that you are a part of creation, yourself. It is the free Spirit, the All-Spirit, that is effective through all things and pulsates through every being as the breath of life. Thus, the divine radiates to us through every component of nature: Live With Me - I am a consciousness aspect in your soul! 
The Land of Peace is being built up in the heart of Germany to help bring about the great unity of all life - as expressed in the title: "Live with Me."

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Live with Me. I am an aspect in your soul.

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