The Speaking All-Unity

The Speaking All-Unity And FREE The Word of the Stars...
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The Speaking All-Unity
The Word of the Universal Creator Spirit

Item No. S173en, 384 pp.,  Hardbound, ISBN 978-1-890841-33-1
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A cosmic teaching and learning from the school of divine wisdom Taken from conversations with Gabriele compiled by Ulrich Seifert and Martin Kübli

This work of cosmic teaching and learning ingeniously and outstandingly explains what religion, philosophy and science since their inception cannot comprehensibly explain the great spiritual correlations of life.
Have you ever wondered, for example, that wild geese can fly in perfect formation? Doesn't this show that they must have a communication system that is far superior to us human beings? We have developed a technology that helps us to communicate over long distances, however, this technology is only a pale reflection of the All-communication.

"The Speaking All-Unity," a Cosmic Work of Teaching and Learning from the School of Divine Wisdom, leads into the dimensions of the All-communication that connect all living beings and life-forms. We learn, with the help of various exercises, for example, on a virtual walk, to refine our sensations toward the creation of God and to perceive more consciously the life in all Being.

Excerpt of The Speaking All-Unity

"Every little plant, every flower, every blade of grass, the little herb, the healing plant – everything that often inconspicuously stands at the wayside – bears the core of being as an aptitude and is in communication with the All-One. Everything, including the elements, bears in itself the melodies of the All, for all things contain the life that is the All-One eternal All-Spirit, whom we call "God" in the Western world. The virtual walks bring us learning steps that are related to an inner perception of picture, tone, color and sound..."