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Help for Self-Help

Dear Friends and Readers,

We are very glad to draw your attention to friends in Africa at this time, who are working under the motto “Help for Self-Help“: It is the International Gabriele Foundation Kenya.

Here is their story:


Harun was a small businessman in a small town in the northern part of Nyanza Province. He saw how widows struggled to survive and purchased a small piece of land for them with our help to grow vegetables. A water hole was also dug… because the rains can no longer be counted on…

Together, they built a very simple room so Petronila could teach the street children, because Harun knew very well that education makes all the difference in whether the children as adults would get a job or not.

Petronila started teaching these children at the end of her normal school day in the governmental school.

Soon, they realized a permanent solution needed to be found. An orphanage with a school attached to it! A compound was found that would work, and all legal steps were taken and approved.

Many orphans lived on the street, ransacking trash bins for something to eat, use or sell. Although Harun, a 60 year old man, had already raised 6 children, he took in 4 orphans. Petronila, a friend and school teacher, took in another 5 orphans. Between Harun and his friends, they were able to take into their homes 15 children.

Class is in

In Nyanza ...

  • 63% of the population lives on less than $1.00 per day
  • 30% of the children die before they are 5 years old
  • 18% of the children between 0 and 17 years are orphans
  • 1 out of 3 children go to school
  • Life expectancy for women is 43 years and for men it is 37 years
  • 34% of the population has AIDS or is an AIDS carrier

Harun has, now, passed on. But what he started is being carried on. So Benta, Harun’s wife who is also a cook at the orphanage/school wrote the following:

It is a great and noble task to have the children among us and to care for them. We tell them that we want to live as a family together. In their free time, they like to help with the housework and have opened their hearts to everyone around them. They look out for each other ...

Class Room

Our main concern is to teach the children how to lovingly treat all of life, and how they can also care for the animals and nature according to the Golden Rule of life: “Do to others – and to us, this encompasses all forms of life – as you would have them do to you.”



Joseph was a tailor, a simple man with a large vision. A vegetarian, he saw how the fishermen struggled to forge a life for themselves on Lake Victoria, slowly dying from over-fishing and pollution. He established a community of interested people who support each other in farming, selling the products and in finding a source of income for the widows.

Basket Weaving

Bit by bit, Joseph started a school for orphans and children from poverty-stricken homes of single parents. The teachers were volunteers.

Before they could be officially recognized as a private school, the authorities gave a deadline to fulfil conditions. The call for help went out and totally new classrooms, a kitchen and new office for the teachers came into being.


Only recently, we were working in very tight and poorly aired classrooms – but now, we can work even on the hottest afternoons with no hindrance.

Building The School

For the children, regular meals every day is a big support and they can better follow their lessons and activities. Some of them come from far away - between 3 and 8 Km., and would miss some of their classes, but now, they come to school early, knowing they will get a healthy breakfast and lunch so no one has to go home for lunch. The children are healthier and more alert, going home at the end of the day feeling fit, healthy and full of energy.

Caring for Goats

Now that Joseph has passed on, his son carries on with his vision. The teachers wrote:

“Thank you for such wonderful support. The life of many people has tremendously improved: The life of the teachers and helpers from the community, and of the children, to become capable, active and responsible adults in our world"


We begin each day by cleaning the classrooms and afterwards, with brief body movements - then breakfast.

We care for our garden where we have planted fruit trees and vegetables for our food.


Lively goats graze next to our school and we take care of them together, learning to appreciate nature and the animals as a part of God’s creation.

"Our desire is to develop a school that follows the positive values of life which means, for example, that the older pupils help the younger ones to learn and watch over them...."


Won’t you, too, join us in helping our friends at the
International Gabriele Foundation Kenya
to educate and raise responsible, environmentally conscious adults
who can make a difference for the future?


This Kenya foundation is non-profit.
100% of your contributions* go directly to them to help cover their needs.

Become a helper for self-help in Africa!


A $40.00 monthly pledge will pay for the expenses of
1 child coming from a family earning $1.00/day
A $100.00 monthly pledge will pay for 1 orphan child


____ $25.00 monthly; ____ $40.00 monthly; ____ $100.00 monthly

$______ Other. Please specify; $_______ monthly pledge; $______ One-time Gift

Thank you for your gift of love!

Send your tax-deductible* check or money order to:
The Word – The Universal Spirit, P.O. Box 2221, Deering, NH 03244.
Please give the purpose: International Gabriele Foundation Kenya


* Contributions are tax-deductible for USA residents 

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