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About Prophecy and the Prophets of God
From the very beginning of time until today, God has been working for the one plan
that fulfills the prayer that Jesus brought: “On earth as it is in heaven.”


A Biography

The Emissary of the Christ of God,

His Prophetess of the Present Time,


God does not let Himself be silenced, because the Free Spirit blows where it will. Read the biography of a woman who accepted the call of God to be His prophet and do His will. It is the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus: “I will send the Spirit of Truth, who will lead you into all truth.”

S550, 264 pages, $16.00 $14.00


The Work of the
Christ of God
and of the Divine


From the Love, therefore, came the Wisdom and Dwells among the people, today, in the time of redemption. Wisdom has worked unceasingly for the emergence of the Kingdom of Peace on Earth. Experience the connection between the work of Jesus of Nazareth and the work of the divine Wisdom today in the prophetess and emissary of God for our time.

S456, 288 pages, $16.00 $14.00

From Abraham to Gabriele

The Word of the
Prophets Is Being
from Abraham
to Gabriele


The great span that underlies the works of the true prophets of God is shown, as well as the devastating effects of their being disregarded by the majority of the people…

S465, 80 pages, $ 7.00 $ 5.50


Healing that comes from within!


Books that never lose their relevance! For who can say that he is totally healthy?

God Heals

God Heals

Healing by the Spirit of God without medicines or plants
From the Contents:
Every thought strives for its actualization – Trust and confidence result in healing–Relaxation and stillness instead of stress, nervousness and tension – Illness is based on wrong thinking – Spiritual healing is a process of becoming free from the evils we ourselves caused… and much more.

S309, 64 pages, $ 7.00 $ 5.00

I Heal You

I Heal You

A small gem with three Christ Radiations, revelations given by the Inner Physician and Healer

S118, 64 pages. $ 5.00 $ 4.00

Healing by Faith

Healing by
Faith –
The Holistic


“Our mind is the sergeant, who constantly gives orders to our army of cells. One day it begins to act… Our thoughts and words are energy-forms that belong to us. They become images in our consciousness and subconscious and in our soul. What we move in our consciousness is also stored by our cells … “

S330, 104 pages. $ 7.00 $ 6.00


CDs for Self-Help and Healing

Everything Is In Bloom

Everything Is
in Bloom
Our True Being

Two wonderful and uplifting meditations from the divine consciousness of the Free Spirit.

D821-1 67 min. $ 8.00

The Cell State

The Cell State –

A clean conscience is a
good pillow!

A Gift for Self-Help –

Happy the one who makes use of his days–even more so during the last life cycle of his life on Earth.

D934 67 min. $ 8.00

Divine Prophetic Healing

Prophetic Healing


"Straighten Up to Attain the Correct Spiritual Posture. You Are Heirs of the Selfless Love"

D821-1 67 min. $12.00 $10.00

Don't Let Go

Don‘t Let Go!


No matter how dark the day is, how dismal the hours, awaken the little light in you!


D037, 57 min. $12.00


Reaching for the Stars – In Us!

Learn to Pray

Learn to Pray –

True prayer needs to be learned, because the right prayer … is a dialogue with God.
Over the millennia, mankind has been praying. But have all these prayers brought answers? More often than not, people ask: Where is God? Why doesn’t He answer my prayers? Does the answer lie with God or with ourselves?

S174, 56 pages. $ 4.00 $ 3.50

Inner Prayer

Inner Prayer

Heart Prayer, Soul Prayer,
Ether Prayer, Healing Prayer


True devotees find their way to the depth of the heart, to God. In the primordial source of all being they unite with all people and beings. … May all people and beings consciously draw closer to this unity, the Universal Life, the Free Spirit.

S307, 94 pages, $ 5.00 $ 4.00


We Are Cosmic Beings: We live, we die, and we keep on living, however, in another aggregate state. So does our life on Earth determine how we continue living in the beyond?

Everyone Dies for Himself Alone

The Contemporary, Death.

Everyone Dies for
Himself Alone.

Living and Dying in order to
Keep Living

Find your way out of the fear of dying. Instead, learn how to live with equanimity and inner stability. Unknown correlations between life and death are explained clearly and simply, including what awaits a soul in the beyond after the demise of its physical body.

S368, 144 pages. $14.00 $13.00

Where Did I Come From

Where Did
I Come From?
Where Am I Going?

Life after Death, the Journey
of Your Soul


A small book with a large content!
The 75 most frequently asked questions which are as old as mankind on the process of dying and how we can best help the dying person.


S407, 76 pages. $ 5.00 $ 4.00


Remain Alert – Conscious living for a higher quality of life

Astral Horror

Astral Horror


Upon hearing the term “astral horror”, most people think about something repulsive, gruesome, ghastly and horrifying, not only on the physical, material level, but in the spheres of the beyond that is hazy, dubious, intangible. …
However astral also means the astral body of a human being, an immaterial energy that surrounds him. It is his aura…

S340, 124 pages. $10.00 $ 8.00

The Path of Forgetting

The Path of Forgetting

The Microcosm in the


Everything that we as human beings feel, think, speak and do, not only is unceasingly recorded in the microcosm “man”, but is also in constant communication with further memory sources in the coarse-material macrocosm and, beyond that, in a finer-material macrocosm. A knowledge of far-reaching significance opens up for those who read this book.

S348,112 pages. $ 8.00 $ 7.00


Easter is one of the greatest slaughter feasts of the year.
Is this the way to celebrate Easter?


Jesus came to stop the bloodshed and showed
this when he drove the sellers of sacrificial animal
from the temple.
Why not try a vegetarian meal, instead?
And learn at the same time why eating vegetarian
is much healthier – not only for the animals, but
for people and Mother Earth!

Vegetaians Goodless Heretics?

Vegetarians –
Godless Heretics?

What meat-eaters and

vegetarians alike should know

From the Contents: The prophets of God spoke against eating animal flesh – The distinguishing characteristic of a heretic condemned to death by the Church: He is vegetarian – Do not eat the suffering of the animals! – Did Jesus of Nazareth eat meat and fish? – The unimaginable horror in the barns and slaughterhouses – and much more…

S463, 144 pages. $ 9.00 $ 7.50

The Hidden Love of Jesus for the Animals

The Hidden Love of Jesus for
the Animals

Ancient scriptures have shown: The

Early Christians were vegetarian

What do great minds throughout the centuries say about eating pieces of animal carcass and about hunting?

S442, 78 pages. $ 5.00 $ 3.50

The  Animal Friendly Cookbook

The Animal-Friendly

On the Way to Nature

A beautifully illustrated vegan cookbook with mouth-watering recipes that are easy to follow! A great gift idea!

S436, 208 pages, $20.00 $18.00

Healthy Vegetarian

Healthy Vegetarian!

Physicians and Experts Inform:
The Building Blocks of Our Food –
Why Vegetarian Is Healthier

V082, 55:15 min. $ 9.90


DVDs: Be alert and

independent of thought!

Buy Three and Get One Free
Meat File

The Meat File: “Meat is vital
for the butcher, but not for
the population.”

The increasing meat consumption is determining our future, for it has drastic effects not only on the ecological and climatic balance of the Earth but also on our health. …

V333, 45 min., $10.00

The Beauty of Creation

The Beauty of Creation and
Man’s Campaign Against Life

Filming in flight show the beauty of the Earth. But what has mankind done to the Earth? If the Earth were one day old, mankind would have existed for only a few seconds, and in one hundredth of a second what has he done to the Earth?! An impressive documentation on the reality of consequences that face mankind.

V411, 53 min., $12.00

The Wealth of the Church is Blood Money

The Wealth of the Church is
Blood Money

How did the church attain its immense wealth? A documentation of facts that will clear our eyes to what really stands behind the Vatican.

V387, 30 min., $10.00

Luther in a Different Light

Luther in a Different Light–

The Dark Side of Martin Luther as
seen in the light of the teaching
of Jesus

How did the church attain its immense wealth? A documentation of facts that will clear our eyes to what really stands behind the Vatican.

V387, 30 min., $10.00


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