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Experience harp and stringed instruments, soaring flute and wind instrument tones, traditional airs and unique arrangements by the Santec Music Orchestra with its international guest musicians. Enjoy melodies that tell a story: of green hills, rocky cliffs and the soothing sound of the sea. This music not only serves people, but also the International Gabriele Foundation.

Benefit concerts are regularly held to support the efforts of the International Gabriele Foundation, a way of making amends for animals, nature and people. The proceeds are used to build new shelters for the animals and to acquire more living space for them to live in freedom and without fear.

These wondrous sounds bring a perfect listening experience for the whole family!

Feel free to listen in and choose your favorites!

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Are You Who You Think You Are?

Are You Who You Think You Are?

A contemplation accompanied by music

Every person has his name and his proof of identification - and usually knows precisely who he thinks he is. But is he really right? What is concealed behind the mostly positively arranged everyday façade? Gabriele guides us into a fascinating self-contemplation and stimulates us toward a new orientation, with the help of a "nameless matrix person" drawn up by ourselves.

This book includes a CD with beautiful instrumental music for the moments of meditative contemplation.

54 pages, Order No. S332en, $12.00

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