“Healing that Comes from Within”

Modern Living has brought us many conveniences:

  • When the plumbing clogs up in our house we call the plumber and he fixes it.
  • When the car doesn’t work properly, we call the mechanic and he fixes it.
  • When our body gets sick we call the doctor and he fixes it with a pill.

And if there are any side-effects, well – at least it’s working again and I can get on with my life.

But haven’t we forgotten something? Our house was built by human beings. Our car was built by human hands. But can we say the same of our body? When we go to the medical doctor for a miracle pill are we curing our body or the symptoms of our illness? And where does this illness come from?

Cause and Development of All Illness

Cause and
Development of All

What the person sows he
will reap

Excerpt: Everything is based on vibration.… A patient’s negative way of thinking may tense his nervous system, and thus, the fine nerves in the organs, as well. Unlawful thoughts have a disturbing effect on the blood circulation and on the heart. When the whole body plunges into lower zones of vibration, neither the various natural remedies nor pharmaceutical medicines can provide any significant relief, or even healing. The difference between the patient’s vibration and the vibration of the remedies is too great…

255 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-1-890841-37-1,
Order No. S117en,

Divine Prophetic Healing

Prophetic Healing

In the word of revelation of Christ through the mouth of a prophet, we may receive His direct and mighty, divine radiation. In the Divine Prophetic Healing, we may experience the help to develop the self-healing forces in us. We learn what we can change in our life, in our thinking and behavior patterns, in order to become or remain healthy.

“All That Is Good Came and Comes from God. Awaken to the True Life”-CD, 71 min., Order No.D817-2en, $12.00

“I Am Come to Make You Free: Recognize the Love of God in You”-CD, 62 min., Order No.D816-2en, $12.00

Healing By Faith

Healing by Faith –
The Holistic Healing

Excerpt: God is love, power, light and salvation. God can do everything – however, we often do not want this. We people want to be helped as we want, or that we be healed in the way that we would like to have it. However, God thinks first of the soul, which is immortal, because the pure in the soul is God’s creation. We have the free will to turn to God, to the light and healing – or to determine things for ourselves, by wanting just what God does not want…


98 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-1-890841-10-2,
Order No. S330en,
$ 7.00

Inner Physician and Healer

The Inner Physician
and Healer

Become Whole in Soul
and Body Through the Power
of the Christ of God

Guided healing meditations that lead us into our inner being and into tranquility. They help us to find the blockages and to dissolve them with Christ, the Inner Physician and Healer, to activate the self-healing forces and strengthen them.


“The Inner Physician and Healer Is the Healing Force in Your Soul” (39 min.)

“The Spirit of the Christ of God is Effective In and Through Your Breathing”(31.30 min.)

2 CDs, Order No. D 938 en, $15.00

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Music to Soothe the Soul

At times, we need a moment to ourselves; a moment in which we can draw strength, sort out our thoughts or listen to within; a moment that gives us balance and new energy.

Our wellness music is meant for these moments. Enjoy the harmonious Santec Music compositions, recorded with natural instruments.

CDs $15.00 Each
Symphony of Nature

of Nature
Order No. D680

Moving Elements

Order No. D250

Flowing Life

Order No. D420



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