Did you know?

  • Quantum physics talks about cosmic quantum fields that are permanently in communication with us – which store everything that makes up our human life?
  • “Subdue the earth” was falsely interpreted with disastrous effects for mankind?
  • Predatory capitalism and animal cannibalism are the primary causes of the climate collapse?
  • In May 2014, a study on species extinction was published that concluded, “mankind may be in the early stages of the sixth greatest mass extinction”?
  • The rise in temperatures will cause tremendous erosion, dramatic huge loss of farmland and forests, development of steppes and desertification of fertile areas, so that an even more dramatic lack of food and drinking water will trigger enormous migrations of unprecedented dimensions?
  • Documentaries – the beauty of creation and mankind’s war against life
  • Science Panel – Expert reports on the language of plant life, organ donations, particle physics,
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  • Vegan-Vegetarian Cooking Courses
  • Reports from the Animal World – Discover many wonders of animal cognition
  • Meditations for Better Living
  • Roundtable discussions for self-help, the school of life, building a better future,
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Science Panel

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Series: Science Panel –

  • Quanta: What Holds the World Together In Its Inmost Folds
    Order No. V 119en
  • Methane: Climate Killer or Bearer of Hope? Order No. V 375en
  • The Subtle Language of Plants Order No. V 344en
  • Mankind: The Cancer of the Earth Order No. V 317en
  • Radioactivity: Blessing or Curse? Order No. V 374en
  • Organ Transplantation: Did we get it right? Order No. V 335en

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Life’s Gift of Grace

Mankind would be actualizing higher ethical-moral values in daily life if the knowledge of reincarnation and of the law of sowing and reaping had not been suppressed, for these imply an aware-ness of responsibility for one’s own life and behavior. Perhaps the Earth would already be a paradise.

80 pages, Softbd., Order No. S 380en $7.00
ISBN 978-1-890841-64-5


Disasters. Earth
Upheavals. Dying

Table of Contents:
The law of cause and effect – infectious dis-eases and pestilences – climate change – forest fires – drought – extin-ction of species – vol-canoes and earthquakes… and more.

131 p., Softbd., Order No. S 445en $12.00
ISBN 978-1-890841-63-8

Cause and Development of All Illness

Cause and Development of All Illness –

What the Person Sows, He will Reap

Table of Contents: Matter is the manifestation of negative thought forms and, as seen from the Spirit, it is illusion, that is, transitory… – The earth, a living organism, is built by cosmic radiation. All unlawful actions change the radiation, create disharmonious frequencies and disturb the balance of the forces in all life forms on the earth – An unknowing person fights all plagues and dangers. A knowing person recognizes and fights his greatest enemy: the negativity in himself – A balanced ratio of forces between the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, the ecological balance, is of vital importance to human beings – The quanta, the spiritual part-powers, are the spiritual carriers of energy: They transfer the spirit power into matter, into the material atoms – Man is far from having explored his inner potential – Your heart is where your treasure lies …

256 pp., Softbd., Order No. S 117en $13.00, ISBN: 978-1-890841-37-9



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