INDEX of BOOKS, CDs, DVDs, etc.


Are You Who You Think You Are? 
Astral Horror
Biography - The Emissary of the Christ of God 
Cause and Development of All Illness 
Disasters, Earth Upheavals, Dying 
Everyone Dies for Himself Alone
Father Words for You, Too 
Find the Primordial Light in You
From Abraham to Gabriele
Gabriele Letter No.1 Christmas and New Year 
Gabriele Letter No.2 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 
Gabriele Letter No.3 The Love for God and Neighbor
Gabriele Letter No.4 The Word of God, the Law of Love and Unity 
Ghostwriter for the Pope
God Heals

Healing by Faith - The Holistic Healing
His Eye - The Bookkeeping of God
Inner Prayer
Land of Peace Bochure Spring/Summer 2014
Learn to Pray
Liobani - I Explain - Will You Join Me?
Live the Moment
Live with Me - I am a cosnsciousnes aspect in your soul - a picture book W272en
Luvy, the Bull
Me, Me, Me, - The Spider in the Web
Nearer to God In You The Word of the Christ of God to Mankind
Reincarnation - Life's Gift of Grace
Revolutionary Christ
Savvy Americans
Ten Little Black Boys
The Animal-Friendly Cookbook
The Bible Was Falsified, Jerome, The Church Falsifier of the Bible
The Catholic Church Should No Call Itself Christian!
The Free Spirit, God In Us
The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

The Hidden Love of Jesus for The Animals 
The Inner Path, Collective Volume 
The Inner Path, Level of Order
The Message from the All 
The Path of Forgetting 
The Path to Cosmic Consciousness
The Prophet No.01 - 10
The Prophet No.15 Animals Lament - The Prophet Denounces
The Prophet No.16 The Murder of Animals Is the Death of Humans 
The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God
The Sermon on the Mount 
The Speaking All-Unity - The Word of the Universal Creator Spirit
The Ten Commandments of God 
The Word of God, the Eternal, to the current situation of the world
The Word of the Prophets of God Is Being Fulfilled from Abraham to Gabriele

The Word of the Stars To the Person, The Microcosm, And His Soul
The Work of the Christ of God and of the Divine Wisdom 
This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega
Vegetarians - Godless Heritics?
Was Jesus a False Prophet?
What You Think and Say
Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going? 
"Where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of them."
Who is Sitting on the Chair of Peter? Volume 1
Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?
You, the Animal - You, the Human Being- Which Has Higher Values?
Your Child and You


A Meditative Contemplation and Prayer to the "Our Father" CD
Don't Let Go! - CD
Everything Is in Bloom CD
Original Christian Meditation Course I - Complete Set

Original Christian Meditation Course I - CDs 1 & 2
Original Christian Meditation Course I - CDs 3 & 4
Original Christian Meditation Course I - CDs 5 & 6
Original Christian Meditation Course II - Complete Set
Original Christian Meditation Course II - CDs 1 & 2
Original Christian Meditation Course II - CDs 3 & 4
Original Christian Meditation Course II - CDs 5 & 6
The Cell State - A Gift for Self-Help CD

Healing Meditation CDs:

Divine Prophetic Healing "All That Is Good Came and Comes From God...CD
Divine Prophetic Healing "I Am Come to Make You Free...CD
Divine Prophetic Healing "Make Peace With Your Neighbor" CD
Divine Prophetic Healing "Straighten Up to Attain the Proper Spiritual Attitude" CD
The Matrix Person - A Guiding Image for "Health" An Active meditatioin CD with music
The Matrix Person - A Guiding Image for "Tranquility" An Active meditation CD with music


A Message from the All: I Reveal the Fate of Mankind
A New Beginning Maditation
Be Still - God Dwells in You
Devotional - Deep Breathing
Devotional - The Cell State
Don't Let Go! by Gabriele - DVD
Drops of Life - Build the Bridges to Christ
Harmony in Movement and Sound for Soul and Body - DVD
Healthy Vegetarian! The Building Blocks of Our Food
Lecture Series from Palm Room: Life After Death
Lecture Series from Palm Room: You Don't Live Just Once
Luther in a Dirrerent Light - The Dark Side of Martin Luther as seen in the light of the teaching of Jesus
Meat File
Picture Meditations
Plants & Botanical Medicine - The Nature & Signature of Healing Plants 
Plants & Botanical Medicine - The Significance of Plants for our Health..
Prayer / The Pearls in Us 
Science Panel: Climate Change and Health
Science Panel: Epigenetics
Science Panel: Food Lies
Science Panel: Man - The Earth's Cancer
Science Panel: Organ Donation
Science Panel: Ozone & UV
Science Panel: Quanta - What Holds the World Together
Science Panel: The Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fluctuating
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Commandments of God 
The Beauty of Creation and Man's Campaign Against Life
The Lord's Prayer
The Wealth of the Church is Blood Money
Thoughts for the New Day - Be Chearful and Positive


Classics for the Soul CD
Harp Portrait Classics CD
Moments of Silence CD
Music for the Soul CD
Nearer My God to Thee CD
Pearls of the Classics CD
Piano Portrait - Quiet Classics CD

Irish-Celtic Music CDs:

Celtic-Harp Protrait CD
Irish-Celtic Moods CD
Wind of the North CD

Famous Tunes CDs:

Greatest Classics CD - Classical music of world famous composers
Symphonic Evergreens CD - Melodies from Music & Film History
Vienna: Europe's Favorite Works of Light Classics

Wellness Music CDs:

Flowing Life
Moving Elements
Symphony of Nature in the Forest

Festive Christmas Music CDs:

The Light of Christmas. Beautiful Winter Melodies for Christmas Time
Winter Symphony Music