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Rehabilitation of the Christ of God

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This Is My Word

This Is My Word
A and Ω
The Gospel of Jesus

The Christ-Revelation,
which True Christians the World
Over Have Come to Know

Much of what Jesus taught remained hidden to the people, because what is still in the Bible today is only that which Jerome (383) was allowed to place into the gospels. In the great divine work of revelation “This Is My Word” we read from Christ Himself the truth about His life, thinking and works. A promising and shaking message in a fascinatingly clear prophetic language; much of what is missing in the Bible or was mistakenly passed on in the Bible is explained.

1078 pp., Softbd., Order No. S 007en, €/$15.00

Vegetarians Godless Heretics?

Vegetarians –
Godless Heretics?

What meat-eaters and
vegetarians alike should know

From the Contents: The prophets of God spoke against eating animal flesh – The distinguishing characteristic of a heretic condemned to death by the Church: He is vegetarian – Do not eat the suffering of the animals! – Did Jesus of Nazareth eat meat and fish? – The unimaginable horror in the barns and slaughterhouses – and much more...

S463, 144 pages. €/$ 9.00

Animal Friendly Cookbook

The Animal-Friendly

On the Way to Nature

A beautifully illustrated vegan cookbook with mouth-watering recipes that are easy to follow!A great gift idea!

S436, 208 pages. €/$ 20.00

Message From The All

The Message
from the All

The Prophecy of God Today –
Not the Word of the Bible

In the prophetic word, we receive the all-encompassing language of light of the eternal Spirit in our human language, in a depth, clarity, conciseness and richness unique in the history of mankind. Drawn directly from the eternal stream, we are now offered the whole truth. A selection of 14 great revelations!

188 pp., Order No. S137 en, €/$15.00
ISBN: 978-1-890841-36-2

Cause and Development of All Illness

Cause and
of All Illness

What the person sows
he will reap

Excerpt: Everything is based on vibration. ... A patient’s negative way of thinking may tense his nervous system, and thus, the fine nerves in the organs, as well. Unlawful thoughts have a disturbing effect on the blood circulation and on the heart. When the whole body plunges into lower zones of vibration, neither the various natural remedies nor pharmaceutical medicines can provide any significant relief, or even healing. The difference between the patient’s vibration and the vibration of the remedies is too great...

266 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-1-890841-37-1,
Order No. S117en €/$13.00

Everything Is In Bloom

Everything Is in Bloom
and Our True Being.

Two wonderful and uplifting meditations from the divine consciousness of the Free Spirit.

D821-1 67 min., €/$ 8.00

Healthy Vegetarian!

DVD! Healthy Vegetarian!

Physicians and Experts Inform: The Building Blocks of Our Food – Why Vegetarian Is Healthier

V082, 55:15 min., €/$ 8.00

Don't Let Go!

Don’t Let Go!

Don’t let go, no matter how dark the day is, how dismal the hours that seem so hopeless. Awaken the con dence, awaken the little light in you.

D037, 60 min., €/$ 15.00

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