Holiday Season - Celebration or Suffering?

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The Free Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love of God
and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

Words of Wisdom to learn from and attain high ethical and moral values

Dear Friends of the Universal Spirit,

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the consumption of processed meat increases the risk of cancer and suggests that red meat could also be damaging to health. However, the question about the ethics of eating meat has, until now, been ignored. Nevertheless, for billions of animals, the human enjoyment of meat means “Hell on Earth.”

And what about Thanksgiving and Christmas – soon to be celebrated by millions of households? Shall we give thanks for the endless suffering we have caused to the carcass sitting in the place of honor of our feast? People who are aware of how much nature is maltreated, how animals are tortured and slaughtered, can they truly celebrate these holidays? So where did these customs and traditions come from?

Turkey on Slaughter
Vegetarians Godless heretics?

Vegetarians –
Godless Heretics?

What meat-eaters and
vegetarians alike should know

The title of this book is by no means a provoking and ironic hyperbole, but simply and poignantly describes the viewpoint of a large part of so called Christianity until this very day. And as long as society considers animals to more or less exist solely to be eaten, and the living, animate being in them is not at all perceived or protected, our fellow creature from God, the animal, doesn’t have the slightest chance of a worthy life. So who said the Golden Rule does not also apply to animals and nature?!

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This Is My Word A and Ω
The Gospel of Jesus
The Christ-Revelation,
which true Christians the world
over have come to know

This Is my Word

Did you know that Jesus came to redeem the animals and nature, all of life? Or that He never wanted a religion? Or that He actually was a vegetarian and defended the animals in all ways? Or that He had women among His disciples? Today, the Christ of God fulfills the promise of Jesus to send the “spirit of truth who would lead us into all truth.”
The Christ of God is the Free Spirit who teaches all willing people the path to freedom and independence, to happiness and truth.

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The Animals Friendly Cookbook

The Animal Friendly

On the Way to Nature


Learn how to prepare easy-to-fix and nutritious vegan meals. Each recipe takes two pages: Instructions are given with illustrated steps and one page is devoted to giving you a mouthwatering view of the finished dish. Mmm, good!

A great gift idea for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Hidden Love of Jesus for the Animals

The Hidden Love of Jesus
for the Animals

Ancient scriptures have shown:
The Early Christians were vegetarian
What do great minds say about eating
pieces of animal carcass and about hunting?

This book contains prophetic words quoted from the Bible against animal sacrifices and eating meat. By way of ancient scriptures, we learn that Jesus, as well as the apostles and early Christians, were vegetarian. Many of the early church fathers warned against eating meat. There are also many a story of Jesus speaking up in defense of the animals. Read all this and more in this small invaluable book!

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